what we believe

Change requires not only a vision of the way life can be, but an understanding of partnerships, processes, long-term planning, and resources needed to make social and economic transformation possible.
Our responsibility to ourselves and to one another is to learn from our experiences, develop our own potential, empower those around us, and live our best lives. And to pass on the capabilities and knowledge we develop with those who work by our side as well as those who follow.
Before we can change our circumstances, we must change our minds. True transformation requires an awareness and understanding of the lives of those around us, the development of strong partnerships and communities, a commitment to and belief in public service, and the means to support those goals.
We must have a methodology and means of evaluating our success. But we must also learn to measure progress not just in terms of economic statistics, but in the belief that opportunity exists. We will measure strength not just through the metrics of social change, but in the strength of the emotional and human bonds we forge.
We all have our own journey in life. As we travel that path we may not be able to help everyone we meet, but each of us is able to help someone. And within each of us is a voice that says ‘I think I can do more.’
Like a pebble tossed into a pond, what we do today will spiral outward, touching the lives of those who follow. In this life we are all teachers, and we are all students. Our responsibility to ourselves and to one another is to learn, empower those around us, grow, and live our best lives.
And with all that we learn and achieve, to pass it on.


We innovate and create projects and content
for large-scale impact to solve problems and change the world for the better

We believe that people everywhere want essentially the same thing: the opportunity to build a better future. And, we believe we can help.


Social Connect

We start at the local level by listening carefully and working to understand what individual communities want and need. We work with local leaders to build community organizations, prioritize goals, and recruit allies and partners from government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations. We help identify sources of funding, offer mentorship and networking opportunities, and support the development of truly sustainable programs.



While our vision is aspirational, our mission is focused, community-powered and process-driven. We support the needs of local communities as defined by the community members themselves—not by us. We know that local leadership, emotional commitment, realistic goals, sustainability and measurable results are essential to success. Early success builds confidence—inspiring future success and lasting change.



While we help shape and prioritize realistic goals, and provide a range of support during implementation- we also ensure that all of our initiatives are evaluated and demonstrated through evidence/analysis of key metrics and success in achieving long-lasting impact.