Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, we aspire to be the change in business, we wish to see.
We share the belief that companies should be driven with the purpose to make a difference for the larger good. Therefore we created SIMACES.
SIMACES stands for highest ethical standards, values and Return on Respect.

Impact Fund

For all the large-scale transformation and innovation programmes that we have undertaken, one of the keys to drive these would be funds. This calls for investment which can be generated from within the various pillars of the society.

We at AP Globale (APG) have actively raised impact funds in India for the development of farming, education, skilling and entrepreneurship to keep up the spirit of development alive in the society. We appreciate the impact investors who have been fairly active in accelerating funds and their efforts to boost the society growth.

Our further objective is to distribute these funds in core sectors to ensure a proper balance of demand and supply, feed the gaps which exist and help create an ecosystem to drive major programmes.

Sakal Money

Sakal Money

Sakal Money was incepted as an idea to assist people in suburban and rural areas to build wealth through investment. The division has witnessed rapid growth and is now eyeing to be the largest DSA (Direct Selling Agent) for banks and NBFCs by 2020, enabled by a Loan Market Place Platform (LMPP).