Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, we aspire to be the change in business, we wish to see.
We share the belief that companies should be driven with the purpose to make a difference for the larger good. Therefore we created SIMACES.
SIMACES stands for highest ethical standards, values and Return on Respect.

Advisory & Consulting

As nations are trying to bridge the gap that exists between the fortunate and less fortunate in the world at many levels, such as gender, economics, health, education, etc., it has now been fairly accepted that the current systems and policies in governance have serious limitations. Palladium and AP Globale have created a joint venture in India to implement their shared vision of delivering positive social impact in the country. Palladium India, as the joint venture will be known, will work with governments, businesses and civil society tackle the needs of communities across the country and identify sustainable solutions to meet these needs.

Palladium India along with credible partners has the solution to bridge this gap through mobilizing and connecting the grassroots to boardrooms, thereby transforming society in a speedy manner, which is sustainable, scalable and replicable globally.



Globally, Palladium has over 50 years of experience delivering development programmes, ranging from economic development and health to governance and humanitarian programming. It is currently operating in 90 countries, and has a global network of 35,000 technical experts. Palladium has worked in India in 10 states, with both national and state governments, to bring about changes that meet the needs of local communities. Palladium has improved health policies and district-level planning, implemented private-public partnership models and strengthened marketing and social franchising initiatives.