Palladium Group and AP Globale’s DCF Advisory Services merge to set up Palladium India

Palladium Group and AP Globale’s DCF Advisory Services merge to set up Palladium India

Both companies bring together many years of delivering positive impact through complex projects in India and across the globe
Palladium and AP Globale actively invest in new ways of bringing about positive impact, moving beyond traditional development approaches. 

Mumbai, India: Palladium and AP Globale have created a joint venture in India to implement their shared vision of delivering positive social and economic impact in the country, and to do so at a greater scale. 

By joining forces, the organisations bring together their local knowledge and networks, and a dedication to innovations in development. 

Abhijit Pawar, Chairman of AP Globale said, “This is a coming together of two companies with very similar ideologies and purpose. The two forces combine to create a shared value for all our stakeholders and deliver results that brings change to people’s lives. I believe that the timing is right for India to discover the power of being great by doing good.” 

Barbora Stankovicova, Country Director - Palladium India said, “I’m really pleased that Palladium and AP Globale will be working side by side in India. Palladium has done a lot of development work in the country already, and by joining forces with AP Globale, we can truly increase the positive impact we make.” 

Palladium is focused on delivering positive impact - the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value. Palladium works with corporations, governments, foundations, investors, communities and civil society to formulate strategies and implement solutions that generate lasting social, environmental and financial benefits. 

By partnering with AP Globale, Palladium is bringing in the capabilities of DCF Advisory Services, which has an ability to reach people and mobilize them for action even in the most remote areas, as evidenced by executing various citizen engagement programs in Maharashtra for city and state government as well as corporate houses. 

Palladium India, as the joint venture will be known, will work with its stakeholders to tackle the needs of communities across the country and identify sustainable solutions to meet these needs. Palladium India will also support corporates to “grow profits while doing good”, in other words to help achieve “return on investment with dignity”. 

Palladium and AP Globale actively invest in new ways of bringing about positive impact, moving beyond traditional development approaches, and they will continue to do so together in India. 

  • Palladium recently designed, and will now implement, the world’s first health-focused development impact bond (DIB), which aims to reduce mother and baby deaths in Rajasthan, India. Palladium was able to design the DIB due to its multi-decade experience of managing health programmes across 10 states of India. Palladium India will leverage Palladium’s global experience, primarily in the domains of health, economic growth, governance and strategy execution, and offer these services to India. 
  • DCF Advisory Services has worked with city and state transformation office services using boardroom to grassroots model, delivering socio-economic change through systemized programs that are fast and result oriented on a three or five-year timeline, yet intense and large scale to ensure last-mile impact. The Delivering Change Foundation employed DCF Advisory Services and Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) to execute the ‘Water For All Initiative’, which was a program aimed at making Maharashtra drought-free. The Government of Maharashtra included 14 of the 32 identified initiatives of the “Water For All Initiative” into their flagship project called the ‘Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan’ or ‘Water Secure Region’. 

About Palladium 

Palladium has over 50 years of experience delivering development programmes, ranging from economic development and health to governance and humanitarian programming. It is currently operating in 90 countries, and has a global network of 35,000 technical experts. Palladium has worked in India in 10 states, with both national and state governments, to bring about changes that meet the needs of local communities. Palladium has improved health policies and district-level planning, implemented private-public partnership models and strengthened marketing and social franchising initiatives. 


About DCF Advisory Services 

DCF Advisory Services provides end-to-end strategy consulting and execution planning services to government offices at the village, city, state and national levels to bring about positive economic change. DCF Advisory Services has helped set up transformational offices at different government levels, has carried out multi-stakeholders’ discussions and citizen engagement surveys to understand community needs, and has created self-sustaining community networks whose members work to find solutions to local problems in a sustainable manner. 

About AP Globale 

AP Globale is a privately held, purpose-driven company created by serial entrepreneur and social change agent, Mr. Abhijit Pawar. 

AP Globale was created as a platform to bring disruptive ideas and companies to drive a radical change to our society and enable mass development of the human capital. The business interests of the Group is in skilling (SIMACES International Interdisciplinary Learning Centre), Impact Funds, DCF Ventures, Media (Sakal Media Group), Advisory, Community Development (Tanishka, Young Inspirators Network), Events and Special Projects (Smart Villages, Smart Cities & Real Estate ventures). Based in Pune, it has businesses footprint in four continents and employs over 2500 people across the entire Group. The company puts its values to work in the service of making the world a better place, every day. 

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