Pune: "The government alone can’t do everything unless all stakeholders come together. No matter who your Prime Minister is, no matter which government you elect, no matter who sits in that office, one alone cannot make a difference, unless each one of us actually makes a difference to solve that problem,” said Abhijit Pawar, Chairman AP Globale and Managing Director of Sakal Media Group, during a Human Resource professionals’ meet organised by HR Interact and Sakal on Friday, April 26. 

He was a keynote speaker at the event presented by Lokmanya Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd. Lodha Belmondo was the associate sponsor.

While addressing the HR professionals, Pawar said, “We need to start it at the board room level, where you plan, where you decide what the problem is, and how you solve an issue and look at how to execute it. If each one of you as an individual decides that let’s take this one problem and see how we can make a difference, we can take HR Interact as the platform to solve the problem. I hope that we can make this difference, not for ourselves but for our future generations,” he added. 

“As HR Heads and Managers, you are the heart of your organisation and you can resonate this to your employees, that let’s identify one cause, may be two or three, and work out until we find a solution. It can happen!”

The HR meet, held on Friday in the city, was attended by more than 200 HR professionals belonging to various sectors such as IT and manufacturing. 

The theme of the event was ‘Back to the future’, conducted through a process in which each individual goes through a creative visioning exercise, where a person has a vision and how does he reach that vision.

It is also a mass coaching exercise where people operate in pairs as a coach and coachee. The event concluded with a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the first anniversary of HR Interact, which was registered as a non-profit organisation in March 2018, the brainchild of a group of senior HR leaders.

“On successful completion of one year, it feels great that we had an overwhelming response from our members. It is great to see that the community is liking the format of the various programmes we conduct,” said Sudesh Verma, one of management committee members of HR Interact.

Sushil Jadhav, Zonal Manager, Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society Ltd, the title sponsor for the event, expressed his gratitude for being a part of the event and said, “We are pleased by the event and it would be great to interact with all the HR Interact members and share the ideas and best practices.”

“I am happy to represent my company at this platform and we would be glad to reach out and serve the HR community,” said Vineet Bhasin, General Manager, Sales Lodha Group, who was also the associate sponsor for this event.