Seemba, YIN and Maharashtra Government Partner “To Bring Millions of Businesses Online”
Mobile business platform company Seemba has announced the launch a large scale recruitment in effort Maharashtra, India to bring SMBs online, as part of a local initiative, Bring Maharashtra Online spearheaded by the State Government of Maharashtra. With more than 112 million inhabitants and Mumbai as it’s capital, Maharashtra is the wealthiest state and also the most industrialized state in India, contributing 25% of the country’s industrial output and 23.2% of its GDP.

Under this initiative, small and medium businesses from the State will be given a mobile optimized online platform developed by Seemba, to make their businesses digital in under 60 seconds. As part of the digital and “cashless India” movements to digitalize payments, spearheaded by India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, Bring Maharashtra Online is aiming to facilitate the transition to digital for local SMBs and provide them with step-by-step support. Multiple companies and more than 100 ambassadors have been trained by Seemba to make this vision possible and to set a standard of success to be of example not only for India but also for the rest of the world.

The Bring Maharashtra Online program, in partnership with Seemba, has the ambitious goal to bring 500,000 businesses online in the next 6 months. Through their easy-to-use mobile-only interface, Seemba enables entrepreneurs to power their companies with technology to connect and transact with their customers as well as increase productivity and business results. In addition to a creating a web presence and CRM, Seemba offers businesses a wide array of services including promotions, rating & reviews, campaigns, SMS, eCommerce & eBookings, all managed from a mobile phone.

During a press conference held on May 4th, Asaf Kindler, co-founder of Seemba, explained, “According to Google, small businesses can grow double in size if they have their presence online. Seemba is helping India’s businesses to grow much faster and impact the whole country’s economy.” The Seemba app is currently available, free of cost, only in India, but will be open for global usage later on in 2017. Seemba (formerly Snapp) is a business platform for the mobile-only economy serving the millions of businesses who are coming online in emerging markets. The company, established in 2014 by Vito Margiotta, Asaf Kindler and Gabriel Gurovich, three serial entrepreneurs and Singularity University graduates, is backed by Cornerstone Venture Partners, Guggenheim Partners and Italian Angels For Growth.