• First of its kind in Pune
  • Curated and mentored by leading international coach and athelets
  • Three categories including first time ever Family Run to encourage families to participate
Pune, 29 October, 2018: The appetite for long-distance running is growing rapidly in India with most cities jumping in the bandwagon to glorify the trend. Indian athletes have made their arrival in long--distance running events. The myth about genetics is dusted and it is now well known that a large number of Indians are fast and can further improve with right training and nutrition programs. 

To further encourage many more Indians to take up a healthy lifestyle and to create impact at a larger level in the society, Bajaj Allianz is launching its flagship running event, Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon (Bajaj Allianz PHM). The event will be held on December 9, 2018 in Pune. This event is unparalleled and not similar to any other race in the country.

Chandramohan Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Bajaj Allianz said, “The initiative is a reflection of Bajaj Allianz’ deep commitment towards promoting and enabling good health. Our attempt is to bring world-class and an inclusive Marathon event that Punekars and Indians are proud of. We are confident that the initiative will further fuel the fitness drive across millions of Indian families.”

“Running is the most inclusive sport and I have experienced it in my running of last 17 years. We want to now help provide an ecosystem through which everyone takes their first step towards a healthier life or becomes better at it if they are already active in this sport”, said Vikas Singh, CEO of Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon.

Bajaj Allianz PHM will be launched as a top quality event that will attract runners across the country in the categories — Half Marathon, The 10K Run, and The Family Run (6 km). Bajaj Allianz PHM aims to be the most coveted run in the country.  Bajaj Allianz PHM has applied to work as a qualifier for various leading events in the world.  The course has already been measured and submitted for approval. 

The event is curated by some of the top coaches and athelets in the world: 
  • Dr Jack Daniels,also known as the world’s best running coach and the Einstein of sports, is mentoring it. His decades of breakthrough research in endurance running will ensure every participant becomes better.  Every runner, who registers for the Half Marathon or for the 10K Run, will get a free training invite for the event from Dr Daniels.
  • Ryan Hall, one of the fastest runners of all time and the first American to break the one-hour barrier for a half marathon, is the brand ambassador for the event. He will be joined by his better half, Sara Hall, another long-distance running superstar and a pan-American Gold Medalist representing USA.

Bajaj Allianz PHM will also be unique with its, Family Run (6 km).  It is launched to encourage families to come out together and run, or walk brisk.  The event will act as a fun outdoor activity for the family. This segment is particularly targeted towards children and adolescents with the objective to inculcate the concept of wellness in them. 

Bajaj Allianz PHM is also going to serve as a strong philanthropic platform and particpants can raise donations for charity of their choice without any administrative charges. For more details, log on to