APG Learning launches EDP to support India’s growing entrepreneurial sector

APG Learning launches EDP to support India’s growing entrepreneurial sector
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) is a three-month online course
  • EDP aims to develop the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in an aspirant
  • Students may choose their medium of instruction, either in English, Hindi or Marathi
  • Students will be encouraged to develop on the big idea and the shortlisted ones will be pitched to investors

Pune: APG Learning launched its Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) on Friday, September 21st. The three-month program keeps in mind the ever-growing robust start-up ecosystem in India and delivers a structured step-by-step approach to guide individuals with an entrepreneurial mind-set, helping them understand the processes involved in identifying and establishing a workable and sustainable venture. The program attempts to penetrate the different levels of social strata, thus the course fee is INR 499. 

“EDP wishes to address the concern of educated unemployment in the country and also boost the growing entrepreneurial culture. EDP lays down the foundation for the aspirant, equipping the individual with right business skills,” said Vikas Singh, the CEO of APG Learning.

Emphasising on the intended wider reach and the USP of the course, Vikas further added, “Start-up success isn’t limited to metros alone. Internet penetration is ever growing in the country. Thanks to the reach, smaller cities, towns, and villages have played its role in boosting the start-up ecosystem. Through EDP, we will also nurture the students’ big ideas and provide them with the platform for investor-pitching.”

Why Entrepreneurship?
Job creation is a massive challenge that India is encountering. Through initiatives like Start-up India, Make in India, STEP, etc., the Government attempts to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. This has resulted in a shift in mind-sets, which along with the advent of technology has helped India realise its immense potential to innovate, build entrepreneurs, see the rise in the small-scale sector, which ultimately results in job creation. A Nasscom report predicts India to be home of 10,500 start-ups by 2020. EDP will act a booster to the same.
Entrepreneurship plays a role in the economic growth of the country. Also, there are advantages of entrepreneurship from the individual aspect. It allows one to take full control, innovate, change lives, solve problems, create a legacy and build dreams. 
Contrary to the old school of thoughts that entrepreneurship qualities are inherent, the world has accepted that managerial skills and entrepreneurial competencies can be developed through well-designed courses. EDP is a course that emphasises on laying down the foundation and equipping the aspirant with business skills.

About APG Learning 
APG Learning is the Skilling and Education vertical of AP Globale. The institute focuses on providing a contemporary and practical learning environment to students, equipping them with the right quiver in an ever-changing and challenging milieu.
APG Learning began operations in 2013 with a mission to educate students and ensure a sustainable socio-economic development. It runs some of the most successful employability-related courses in the fields of agriculture, media, allied subjects, etc. At APG Learning, we aspire to uplift the community by empowering everyone to effortlessly access quality education. With alumni of over a lakh, APG Learning has over the years partnered with the world’s leading course providers in order to bridge the gap between an academic programme and industry demands.

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